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Due to overwhelming demand we have extended the deadline to 25th October!
Come, Make History with Us.
The historic Dubai Grand Parade celebrates the ultimate in motoring innovation, beauty and magnificence in the inaugural Dubai Motor Festival. If you belong to an elite car of bike club, or if you are the proud owner of a prized auto beauty, we’d love to hear from you, your family and friends to join us in this record breaking ride of the year.*
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Please note that your application will be vetted by a specialist committee and you will be notified whether your car has been accepted to participate in the parade. Thank you and good luck.

Criteria for Participants
  • Drivers must be over 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license and clean driving record
  • Vehicle ownership documentation
  • Vehicles must be in excellent road worthy condition
  • Must be registered in the UAE
  • Must be unique with an exciting design
  • Authentic restoration of vintage cars
  • High level of modification and specifications
  • Modifications must be legal with certification
  • Registration No. must be valid for 3 months prior to event date.

* limited places are available.
Note: If you wish to register another car, please submit another registration form.

Contact No : +971 4 308 6328, Email :